Chase2fit ICONIC 100% WHEY ISOLATE Whey Protein (2000 g, Chocolate)



The market is full of protein powders coming from a mix of low quality sources. Along with all the added sugar and flavours, the purpose of taking protein for a healthy diet is defeated.

Chase2fit iconic (whey isolate) is power packed with 29 grams of protein, 6 grams BCCA with glutamic acid powder, 25 grams of whey protein and 12 grams of EAA. It’s a whey protein isolate that has been consciously designed with health and peak performance in mind, perfect for lean muscle building. We remove all undesirable fat, Lacoste and cholesterol to make the product easier to digest using the most advanced micro ultrafiltration tech. Our careful manufacturing process ensures unmatched quality and efficacy.

The product assists and accelerates recovery and growth with 6 grams of BCAAs (isoleucine, valine and leucine) and 12 grams of extremely anabolic amino acids. As a very essential BCAA, Leucine promotes anabolism and is an important trigger in muscle-building. WPI has the highest leucine concentration across all natural sources. Tested by third parties Our WPI has gone through multiple rounds of third party testing to guarantee the best quality, utmost purity and the most safety for athletes.

For the HEALTH-CONSCIOUS We stick to natural flavouring with minimum sugar levels (1 gram). Our product is both gluten and GMO free. Don’t Compromise in Taste Our natural flavours provide an unmatched taste and all your shakes taste as good as your regular ice cream shakes. Suggested Dosage Experts suggest 1-2 scoops daily for the best results. Best way to take post workout whey protein: For the best results, a workout should be followed by a protein shake in milk or water within 30 minutes. This results in boosted recovery and better muscle growth. It is a great idea to pair your protein shake with a meal. Consuming a shake in water, juice or milk the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach guarantees great results.


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