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    Weight gainer 2kg(1+1)

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    • MASS GAINER WITH MORE PROTEIN PER SERVING: Ankerite weight Gainer delivers per 100g with 21g protein, 2g of glutamine. It contains 17 servings per container. An ideal mix of proteins aims to promote muscle anabolism and bulk gain. While the fast-absorbing protein like Whey triggers the muscle synthesis by quickly providing the amino acids, thus, making it a perfect muscle mass gainer.
    • THE IDEAL BULKING AGENT: By providing 39.6g carbohydrates per serving, maltodextrin serves as a top source of fast calories and energy for those who intend to increase body mass. It has been found that a combination of maltodextrin with protein can promote enhanced glycogen recovery and stimulated muscle protein synthesis, help improve muscle strength, muscle power and sports performance. All these facilitate in making it the best weight gainer and bulk gainer.
    • HIGH-CALORIE FORMULA: Ankerite Gainer is exquisitely crafted for elite fitness enthusiasts who strive to gain muscle mass & a sturdy physique with a high-calorie formula that helps you meet your increased calorie requirements
    • HELPS REPLENISH GLYCOGEN STORES: In the recovery mode, your body tries to replace the carbohydrates that have been depleted or used up. The pure carb will result in a quick energy boost and ideal level of insulin boost to maximize the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. With the extra boost of energy, maltodextrin helps to improve endurance. It's one-of-a-kind qualities make it the perfect protein powder for men weight gain and also, a real mass gainer.
    • PERFECT WEIGHT GAINER PROTEIN POWDER - Ankerite mass gainer contains protein in each serving which triggers the synthesis of new muscle tissues and boosts muscle recovery. This heavy mass weight gain supplement helps to refill the glycogen reserves in the body which are used as fuel during intense workouts at gym or at home.
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