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    ANKERITE L Carnitine

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    • 1-Ankerite L-Carnitine helps the body convery food to energy,providing support for endurance exercise (aerobic) and during recovery from high intensity activities such as weight lifting, sprinting(anaerobic). 
    • 2-It is most effective at fat burning,eating adequate levels of Omega-3 fatty acids may help athletic performance improvement when combined with carbohydrates. 
    • 3-Ankerite L-Carnitine converts Fat to Energy. 
    • 4-Improved Athletic Performance 
    • 5-Supports Endurance Exercise.


    Ankerite Liquid L-Carnitine 

    It is Perfect For Sport Enthusiasts,Weightlifter,Athletes & Anyone Trying To Improve Their Fitness And Conditioning. Its One Of The Most Versatile Supplements Athletes Can Utilize. L-Carnitine Helps The Body Connery Food To Energy,Providing Support For Endurance Exercise (Aerobic) And During Recovery From High Intensity Activities Such As Weightlifting,Sprinting(Anaerobic)


    Aerobic And Anaerobic Workouts. 

    Our Special Ankerite L-Carnitine Helps The Body Convert Food To Energy, Which Helps In Both Aerobic And Anaerobic Workouts. In The Case Of Aerobic Workouts, Conversion Of Food To Energy Eenables You To Get The Energy For A Good Workout, Whereas For Anaerobic Activities Such As Weightlifting And Running, Conversion Of Food To Energy Provides The Energy Your Body Needs To Recover


    Other Contents 

    L-Cartinine Is Basically A Free Form Amino Acid, That Allows For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss To Happen. Other Ingredients Used In Our Formula Include D-Calcium And Suraclose.

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