Ankerite Advanced Body Grow – 500gm


  • Directions:

    For Children: 1 to 2 tablespoons twice a day. Adults: 3 tablespoons twice or thrice a day.

    Important Features
    • Enriched with whey
    • Contains essential nutrients
    • Promotes muscle growth
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Advanced Body Grow Natural Powder– 500gm

Eat well, be well!

This supplement from Ankerite is rich in protein. The quality of protein is determined by its amino acid profile. This product combines essential and non-essential amino acid in a perfect ratio for maximum absorption and assimilation. It can be the ideal dietary supplement for those who engage in rigorous workout sessions.

Natural composition

This is a great protein drink with vitamins, zinc and calcium. It plays a fundamental role to ensure proper energy production, transport of oxygen to the cells, and development of bone, skin and muscles, etc.

Supports more workout

Being rich in protein and other macro and micro-nutrients, this supplement drink from Ankerite supports your body through increasingly strenuous work out sessions. Regularly consuming the drink does not let your body burn out and keeps it supplied with the nutrients it needs to cope up with the strains of working out.

Enriched with Protein and Vitamins

The drink fuels your body with protein, minerals and vitamins. This is the ideal product for those who seek a complete protein source to build and maintain muscle. It gives you everything in one advanced low-calorie formula.


The ingredients of this drink are carefully chosen. The ingredients like proteins, skimmed milk powder, ascorbic acid, calcium phosphate, dibasic, zinc oxide can add differentiating value to the protein drink by supporting immune, digestive, and increase weight or muscle gain.

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