Ankerite Glucose (500g)


   Important Features

  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Highly dissolvent
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Restores energy
  • Orange flavoured supplement


Ankerite Glucose Ace and Zinc is an energy drink that contains all the vital nutrients. The nutrients instantly reaches into the system and replenish the losses. Ankerite glucose is an orange flavoured drink that quickly rebuilds your energy reserves when you are fatigued after a long day, tried after workout. It is an excellent drink when your body needs extra energy.

Natural health supplement

This is a great energy drink with vitamins, zinc and calcium. It plays a fundamental role to ensure proper energy production, transport of oxygen to the cells, and development of bone, skin and muscles, etc.

Supports more workout

Regularly consuming the drink does not let your body burn out and keeps it supplied with the nutrients it needs to cope up with the strains of working out. The more energy you have, the more you can work out.

Look toned

Consuming Ankerite’s Glucose Ace and Zinc Energy Drink along with working out regularly will give you a toned look to boot.


The ingredients of this drink are carefully chosen. The ingredients like dextrose monohydrate, calcium phosphate diabasic, zinc oxide, sucrose can add differentiating value to the energy drink by supporting the body’s immune, and digestive health.

Restores energy

This energy drink contains important nutrients to support your body’s daily energy needs. The ingredients used in the drink gets easily absorbed by body, thus giving instant energy and rejuvenation.


Three spoonful (35g approx.) at a time by itself or mixed with other food supplement to make a delicious drink. Mix with 200 to 250 ml of water and drink it. It can also be taken with fruit juice.

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