Chase2fit ELEPHANT GAINER Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers (3000 g, Chocolate)



THE BEST WEIGHT GAINING MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE Fuel your daily exercise within 60 seconds with a full-macro meal replacement in the form of a shake. Our elephant gainer is the fastest way to gain all your nutritional requirements for the meal.

EASILY TO DIGEST: It is low in lactose, with a patented effective enzyme that ensures very efficient digestion and absorption.

OPTIMUM PROTEIN : CARB RATIO: Our Nutritional ratio is scientifically backed, following the ideal 1:3 protein to carbohydrate ratio. UNIQUE FLAVORS: We provide a massive escalation from boring repeated diet meals in the form of nutrition-packed shakes in many different delicious flavors.

EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: 21 Organic vitamins & Minerals. 21gm Whey Protein Hydrolysate 63gm Healthy Carbohydrates 2gm Glutamine 6.5gm BCAA 0gm SUGAR TAKE ANYTIME YOU WANT: It is the best supplement shake for every situation. May it be workouts, a run or a busy day, the Elephant Gainer provides the fuel your body needs for a productive and energetic day.

Suggested Dose: Two daily servings of our nutrition packed gainer shake is all you require as a gainer. How to take post workout whey protein: Flood your bloodstream with all the essential nutrients for your gaining diet by taking it post-workout to speed up the recovery process and to supplement muscle growth. Taking the powder mixed in water, juice or milk on an empty stomach is sure to boost your workout results and nutrition.


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