Chase2fit Fuel L Glutamine (300 g)




The Fastest Absorbing Glutamine Chase2Fit L-Glutamine offers 5 grams of glutamine per serving, which is one of the most frequent amino acids found in skeletal muscles. Glutamine contributes 19 percent of the body’s nitrogen, which may aid with vasodilation. It has the potential to reduce muscle breakdown resultantly, increasing protein metabolism. Evidence suggests it may also help active athletes and bodybuilders to improve their immune system.

Why Chase2Fit FUEL: The idea that consuming

L-GLUTAMINE improves your gym performance is supported by research. A few instances can be found in the list below: GRAS obtained from fermentation vs. synthetic GRAS Fermented foods can help you fight fatigue and gain muscle.

The most crucial effect of Chase2Fit L-glutamine supplement is vasodilation, which means the muscles receive a better supply of blood and hence receive more oxygen. Immune system booster: L-glutamine is essential for sustaining intestinal function and aiding the immune system. Aids in the development of lean muscle: This glutamine powder contains 5 grams of pure glutamine per serving.

The Best Way to take Chase2Fit L-Glutamine, 0.55lb Unflavoured A scoop of Chase2Fit L-Glutamine is ideal for 200ml of any beverage of your choice, preferably water. A scoop per day is the recommended dosage for the product.

When should you use Chase2Fit L-Glutamine, 0.55lb Unflavoured? For best results consume Chase2Fit L-Glutamine Unflavoured in the morning with your favorite beverage to kick start your day in the best possible way for body-building. Consuming Chase2Fit L-Glutamine as a post-workout drink is also a great way to boost the effects of your workout.


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