MASSIVE GAINER Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers (3000 g, Chocolate)


HIGH-PROTEIN ADVANCED MUSCLE MASS GAINER Chase2Fit Massive Gainer is available in a pack of 6.6 lbs. It comes with added Digestive enzyme which helps gain healthy weight.


HIGH-PROTEIN ADVANCED MUSCLE MASS GAINER Chase2Fit Massive Gainer is available in a pack of 6.6 lbs. It comes with added Digestive enzyme which helps gain healthy weight.

Chase2Fit Massive Gainer includes 62g carbs and 28g of protein, thus providing the required energy and supporting muscle synthesis. Chas2Fit Massive Gainer is suitable for consumption by adults including men, women, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts Made using a hig hly effective blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to help you achieve healthy weight gain.

WHY MASSIVE MUSCLE MASS GAINER? As the name suggests, Chase2Fit Massive Muscle Mass Gainer helps in gaining muscle mass as seen in bodybuilders. It is a powerhouse of fats, carbs, & protein. A healthy option for all fitness enthusiasts who wish to gain weight and give their body a perfectly toned and bulky posture. Chase2Fit has a myriad range of Mass Gainer & Weight Gainer.

They are available in different flavours. Some product also has special items like Digezyme in their ingredients list. Digezyme is a storehouse of many digestive enzymes clubbed together ensuring maximum absorption in the muscles.

HELPS IN EASY DIGESTION Chase2Fit Massive Muscle Mass Gainer includes a special ingredient- Digezyme. It is packed with five highly effective enzymes namely, Lactase, Lipase, Amylase, Protease, and Cellulase. All these goodness clubbed together gives a better nutrient supply to the muscles and body thus facilitating easy digestion.

ENRICHED WITH MINERALS & VITAMINS Chase 2Fit Massive Muscle Mass Gainer contains the goodness of 27 vital minerals and vitamins all clubbed together. Thus, helping to boost the functioning of other key nutrients and fulfilling the other micronutrient needs required by the body. Along with facilitating new muscle build-up, it also helps in minimizing the dietary gaps.

MUSCLE MASS GAINER WITH OPTIMUM NUTRIENTS Protein is one of the prime nutrients that enable the body to maintain and gain weight. The Chase2Fit Muscle Mass Gainer contains 28gm of protein with every serving. It helps the body in the following ways: Provides sufficient energy to the body. Fulfils the macronutrient need of the body. Mixture of slow and fast-metabolizing carbohydrates. Both carbohydrates release calories as and when required, thus balancing out the calorie requirement of the body.

Chase2Fit MUSCLE MASS GAINER A NUTRITIOUS WAY TO GAIN MASS Chase2Fit Massive Muscle Mass Gainer is the outcome of thorough research and is a unique formula that facilitates healthy weight gain. In addition to it, the inclusion of Digezyme as one of its components has taken the product’s health and nutritional impact to the next level. Gaining weight is not an easy task, and at times it harms the body.

Chase 2Fit has introduced a healthy and nutritious way of gaining the required weight. The product is formulated in such a way that it prepares the body to put on the weight. It infuses the body with healthy calories that would help in protein synthesis of the muscles to gain volume. All the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals combine to augment weight gain in the muscles in a healthier way.


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