Ankerite Maha Mass Gainer – 3 kg


Important Features
  • Natural health supplement
  • Recovery and muscle growth
  • Rich source of protein, calcium, and zinc
  • Delectable taste
  • Chocolate flavor
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Ankerite Maha Mass Gainer comes in a 500/1000-gram pack available in a tasty chocolate flavour. Recent research shows that athletes require more protein than any average person. Ankerite Maha mass gainer offers an adequate amount of protein per serving for proper muscle repair and growth. It will fulfill your daily calorie deficiencies and also help in protein synthesis and prevent muscle loss. It will target all the weak muscles of your body and help in the growth of those muscles.

Natural composition

Ankerite Maha Mass Gainer is a natural health supplement which will cover up the nutritional deficiencies people have and help in maintaining health and overall wellbeing. If you lack an adequate amount of protein, calcium and zinc in your daily diet, then this supplement fulfils such deficiency and helps in preventing different health-related issues.

Supports more workout

The rich whey protein composition offered by Ankerite Maha Mass Gainer contains all the essential amino acids that will stimulate protein synthesis and proper metabolism of the protein in the body. All the essential amino acids present in this supplement will help in muscle recovery and growth. It will nourish the muscle tissues and thereby enable better workout recovery.

Nutritious formula

The Ankerite Maha Mass Gainer supplement is rich in protein, calcium, and zinc. It will not only help you with your workout but also improve your overall health.

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